About Us

Happy Ingenuity Solutions is a limited liability company seeking to contribute to the advancement of mankind by the application of a combination of ingenuity, simplicity and humility. We are purposeful in our effort to spread light and motivation through art, inventing simple, life-changing devices and creating solutions to everyday problems, and create functional art.

The signature paintings created by Happy Ingenuity Solutions are unique works incorporating novel techniques including abstract art with thought-inducing language in binary code and Morse code designed to help the viewer figure out the artist’s literal thoughts. 

Happy Ingenuity Solutions embraces the therapeutic art forms of dorodango and origami and creates unique forms of these because we believe all of our work should create or induce thought, calm, peace, ingenuity and happiness.

Filling up with joy

At Happy Ingenuity solutions we know that people need kindness, motivation, happiness affordability, and peace to live a life of good quality. We contribute ideas, solutions, products and more! Life requires balance.

Our Team

President and Cofounder

Matt Biondi

Vice President and cofounder

SBeth G. Biondi