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Happy Ingenuity solutions: Contributing to humanity through happy ingenuity, simplicity and humility…Working fervently for the return of Jesus is sure.


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Audio Productions: Reading for the busy and the visually inpaired/ blind: poetry and motivation . Have requests? Contact us at info@happyingenuity.com

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Help is Coming

Help is coming is videography inspired by an art piece “3Help is coming” which is is photography of a leaf of a home garden ginger plant superimposed on itself mirrored digitally and projected on black. It is crowned by Psalms 121:1-3 written in black so it cannot be seen by the human eye. It is reminding us that, even though we cannot always see, The Almighty God: our Heavenly Father Who sent His son Jesus, the source of the believers’ help: He is ever present. Believe me, Help that is on the way.

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