Gentle Reminders

Gentle reminders are a daily necessity for peace and self-preservation. These are gentle, short reminders that foster peace, serenity and joy. Read them, live them, and share them. If you would like more than just reading, they are also available as wall art and other neat keepsake accessories like greeting cards, pouches, T shirts, Sweatshirts, coffee mugs and more.

Trust GOD
You are unique
Move forward
Choose to inspire
Let it bloom

“Let it bloom” is a collage consisting of works of photography of the different, breathtakingly-beautiful stages of blooming of an artichoke flower. It is accentuated by short motivational poetry reminding us that if the artichoke is picked and eaten we would never witness this beauty. There are natural processes in life that we should allow to happen so we can reap and experience the benefits!

Moms need sleep!
The Power of Kindness each other
Do not waste resources
Count your blessings
Jesus keeps His promises