Nature Photography: Insects & More.

Creation sings in prefect harmony. Songs visual and literal: songs of peace, visions of Joy! Take a walk, enjoy the fresh air & see!

This is a page of Nature Photography of Arthropoda: insects, arachnids and crustaceans are welcome! Sharing the peace, joy and blessings that creation brings from The Creator: The loving, living True God!

Enjoy Nature Photography: Insects & More.

I am still & at peace.

Siproeta epaphus

Blessing of beauty & joy

Monarch butterfly at brunch: Danaus plexippus

Nourishment & joy

The Dark Blue Tiger butterfly: Tirumala septentrionis

I press on…try…persevere because I still have life and breath. I will accomplish what He sent me to.

Morpho peleides

So much beauty
I am needed…an indispensable part of the ecosystem

Orthosoma brunneum 

I survive but I am not really an insect like your header says!

Leucage venusta

I survive but I am not really an insect like your header says!- change it to arthropod and you can add my crustacean friend Señor crab!

Keep moving!

I am not an ant

Leptoglossus nymph loving on a garden tomato!

I am furry but don’t cuddle with me or eat me. Yup I’m eating your beet

Spilosoma virginica

Hello you. I’m obedient, are you?

Pachydiplax longipennis

I am not an insect but Arthropoda includes me!

Hairback fiddler crab! Uca vocator

I like you too Lycorea halia!

I like you too🥰 Lycorea halia