New and Special

New and Special are the mercies of The Living GOD. So look and listen, worship and pray, read while you can, and share these resources.

The Bible tells the Future. Read up or listen to the audio version: Before it is too late. Blessed is the person who reads or hears The Word. 

Jesus will show up.

JESUS will show up. He NEVER breaks promises. HE is The WORD of GOD and He cannot lie. Jesus: The Christ, The Messiah, The Way, The Truth, The Life: The Light of the world. #Jesus #Prophecy #Salvation #Peace #Life #Revelation #Isaiah53 #Yeshayahu 53.

Revelation Chapter 1
God loves You.




Be Kind

Be kind


Psalms 91

The Power in The Name of JESUS reminds is that He will do something new and special.

Jesus changes everything.