Nurturing Ingenuity: When nature has already provided a gift

by SBG

Imagine a world where we never heard Beethoven, nor heard RBG speak, Michael Jackson sing, never experienced an iPhone, where Usain Bolt never ran, a world where Einstein never was. Ingenuity, excellence regardless of its form, needs to be nurtured to flourish so billions can see and benefit from that ingenuity.

Every Genius, Judge, Doctor, Nurse, Congressman/woman, Senator, President, Queen, King, Princess, Inventor was once a zygote

Underestimate no person nor their capacity…

  • We should allow true vision to detect potential in people and ideas
  • On detection of that potential, foster it
  • Provide resources to persons with potential
  • Then allow that person to compete with peers as only through competition will that golden potential and it’s benefits be truly realized.

What is the use or value of the biggest basket of a the most exquisite, super expensive, exotic, fruit if you cannot get it the relevant market for sale?

Remember: if darkness did not exist as a contrast to light, the gift of light would not be truly realized…and among varying types/brightness of light: we would not be able to perceive the true brilliance of the most intense and illuminous 100 watt lightbulb if we were not given the opportunity to compare it to say a 25 watt lightbulb.

So Again:

Imagine a world where we never got to see Usain Bolt run, never heard RBG speak, never saw Michael Jackson dance nor heard him sing, where we never experienced the joy of using an iPhone, never had the pleasure of hearing Beethoven, a world where Einstein’s theory of relativity never  existed….Ingenuity, excellence regardless of its form, needs to be encouraged, nurtured in order for it to achieve its full potential… then it has to be witnessed, discovered by the world so that nations: billions of people can derive joy or reckon with that ingenuity.

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