Origami: The Ultimate Light Transformer

Origami: The Ultimate Light Transformer: is a beautiful art form that gives many gifts: elucidating the power of light is just of one of them. Origami has a rich history!

Tessellation Origami: The Ultimate Light Transformer

Origami: the Ultimate Light Transformer
Tessellation Origami photographed after illumination

The above Tessellation origami folded by MMMB enticed the senses: chiefly vision after it was laid on thin paper and darkfield illumination done. Many people who see this art think it is digital but it is not! It is a simple unedited photograph of light bent and represented by origami!

See a display of our process that shows the illumination and photography of our pieces in transitions!

Origami: The Ultimate light transformer
Origami: The Ultimate Light Transformer
Star Puff Folded by MMMB: Illuminated and Photographed by SBG

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