The Power of Light in Origami

Origami is a beautiful artform that gives many gifts: elucidating the power of light is just of one of them.


  • Awakens creativity
  • Teaches precision and the importance of precision
  • Enhances concentration
  • Teaches the importance of math and symmetry
  • Piques curiosity
  • It is a good tool for occupational therapy in some cases

It is a pleasure to create origami and also a pleasure to photograph it, especially with illumination!

See our work to learn more:

The Beauty & Power of Light.

Origami folded by MMB, photography & videography by SBG. This piece demonstrates the power and beauty of light. Light has the power to transform, grace our eyes with beauty, & hope. This is a reminder of The True light of the world: Jesus, Son of the Living God, the Word of God made flesh (John 1).

Find good origami paper on amazon here and a great book here: see further below.

Infinity Star Origami Folded by MMB, Photographed by SBG